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Cead Mile Failte

A “hundred thousand welcomes”

The focus of the parade is to promote Irish heritage and the American Immigrant Experience in the Sound Shore Community and to provide college scholarships to local students. Our goal each year will be to produce a quality family event that celebrates the great contributions of Irish and other American Immigrant Heritage in the Sound Shore area.


All are welcome to attend the parade. We hope to see everyone lined up and down Mamaroneck Avenue to cheer on our bands, marchers, and heroes. 




   - Sound Shore St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee

Sound Shore St. Patricks Day Parade Committee Members

Kathie Anechiarico

Padraic Boyle

Gertrude Gallin

Sharon Keck

Jenny Maroney
Joseph Mauro
Tania McMenamin
Christopher H. Murphy
Katherine Murphy
Michael Murphy
Sean Murphy

Vanessa Rider

Norman Rosenblum

Jack Saraceno
Bernadette Whittemore

Troy Whittemore

Honorary Members
Michael Hynes

Laura Murphy

Timothy O’Neill
Kevin O’Shea

Shannon O’Leary Pujadas

Chris Reagan

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